The Art of More 2


Sam Brukner
  • Graham Connor
  • Roxanna Whitman

Sam Brukner

Actor Name: Dennis Quaid

A self-made billionaire originally from Indiana, Sam Brukner has moved swiftly and ruthlessly up the food chain in the real estate world. Now he’s a tycoon, with access to everything he wants – and he wants everyone to know it. Whatever the event, count on Brukner to be the loudest voice in the room as he merrily regales a knot of listeners with colourful anecdotes of his adventures and acquisitions. He has become a prominent collector of art, which served to gain him access to the upper rungs of Manhattan society and which has now become part of his strategy to launch a political career. Beneath the braggadocio, however, is a man who still feels like an outsider and can indeed be hurt – and woe be to the person who causes him pain.

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