The Art of More 2


Graham Connor
  • Sam Brukner
  • Roxanna Whitman

Graham Connor

Actor Name: Christian Cooke

Graham Connor grew up in a blue collar Bensonhurst family and his life has been defined by two opposing traits: a deep love of art, instilled in by his father; and an opportunistic, by-any-means necessary ethos, honed on the meaner streets of Brooklyn after his father’s death. After surviving multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Graham is finally where he wants to be in life, working with extraordinary art collections as an executive at Parke-Mason. But Graham has leveraged his experience has a smuggler to gain access to this luxurious world and lives in constant fear of being exposed. Graham's daily struggle is trying to figure out whether he has a chance at creating a new future or if he will be dragged down by a past that refuses to stay buried.

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